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Specializing in Elder Law and Estate Planning. We Care for Caregivers

We are proud to say that Robert M. Slutsky Associates is trusted by public organizations and care facilities alike for our dedication, quality service and our in-depth knowledge of Pennsylvania Elder Law.

Contact us today if you find yourself in need of a lawyer for any of the following services:

  • Estate Planning: Assess and implement a plan which addresses all your estate planning needs, such as asset protection, Medicaid planning, tax planning, protecting disabled children, revocable and irrevocable living trusts, wills and other estate planning concerns.
  • Long Term Care Planning: Research and arrange long term care services (nursing home, assisted living, etc.), evaluate Medicaid eligibility, establish powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney and living wills
  • Elder Care Crises Issues: Designating a power of attorney or guardianship, selecting an assisted living facility and any other aspects of elderly crisis management
  • Special Needs Planning: Innovative planning to protect the assets, inheritances, government benefits and future care of children with special needs
  • Estate Administration: Settle the estate following the passing of a loved one, resolve disputes (will contests), file taxes, pay remaining bills, transfer real estate and facilitate any remaining elements of the estate

Estate Planning Lawyer with knowledge of Real Estate Law

Robert M. Slutsky, Esq. is patient and he works tirelessly to find the best plan to meet the individual goals of clients. With a thorough knowledge of real estate law, Robert M. Slutsky Associates, is able to look at a bigger picture when considering options for planning our clients’ estates, and the same applies for our work in estate administration. In addition we can guide clients through real estate transactions with legal and title insurance services.

Have questions about Elder Law or Medicaid Planning?

If you have questions regarding Elder Law or Medicaid Planning and the options available to you in the state of Pennsylvania, or to schedule a consultation, call Robert M. Slutsky Associates at (610) 940-0650.

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